"And I’m supposed to pick up black women like this?" Hahahaha I couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂 #floodin

I wrote I needed sleep so someone drew me a picture of sleeping beauty #touche

Good weather to play some frisbee. If only I could throw one right.

1:30 am hits and the class changes…

This place gives me the creeps #hauntedfeels

Welcome to HMWRK101 where nothing gets done

It happened again #squirrelwhisperer

I gave Po a little kissy kiss before I left 😘

Buahaha I love my kitty Po! 👻😂 #cats #catsofinstagram #scared

What’s up little dude? He just walked right up to me, love these squirrels 😁

Alex got me a new record! 😍 I had a lotta fun with him last night (:

Po says good morning by rubbing her face all over mine 😚 #lovemycat

I’m so happy to see my pretty Po! 😍 #cats


Look how his chubby face smushes forward, I want ooooone

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